Young girl telling her story

Human beings have a profound
need to hear and tell

We live in a society that is diverse, but isolated. Often, we only hear “one sided” stories that support negative stereotypes. As a result, many people exist in isolation, and their true stories of caring and giving are never heard. Our goal, is to share stories that touch the pulse of humanity, and remind us, that we are more alike than not, and that we are not alone. Our purpose is to create inclusion through our stories. In addition, I Am We seeks to encourage youth and communities to share their stories to create awareness, unity, and understanding of ourselves and each other.


Stories connects us. We would be lost and truly isolated if we didn’t have them. Stories make up our day, our perceptions and help us identify who we are, and who we desire to be. In fact, storytelling is like opening a door to another world. As human beings, we have a profound need to tell and hear stories, as stories help us:

Story telling has many learning benefits. It increases literacy. All can learn from stories, including our youth. Story telling is crucial for youth, their development and their learning. The following are six significant benefits of storytelling: 1.) Increases literacy. 2.) Develops oral language; 3.) Develops written language 4.) Teaches skills in listening and acquisition of important facts. 5.) Bridges cultural and intergenerational gaps 6.) Builds confidence.

In addition to these benefits, story telling provides youth with the opportunity to build social and life skills.

Become engaged:
Storytelling remains a significant value of our society, as it allows us to forge new relationships, transfer culture, ideas and information from one generation to another.

Empathy is created through storytelling, and has actually been the engine of social/cultural liberation and change.

Become inspired:
Inspiration is crucial to our society, and to our young dreamers. When people are truly inspired, it reminds them of who they are and what they value most, causing many to act. Inspiration is a catalyst to positive action that we all need.

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