Programs- black-students

Our programs
empower youth and communities
through the many arts of storytelling.

One of our strategic goals is to increase the high-school graduation rate in Chicago’s most underserved neighborhoods. To achieve this, we are committed to providing high quality enriched programming with a STEAM focus that stimulates learning, introduces critical thinking skills and connects youth with their local and greater community. We believe, this is how you empower and create youth engagement.

Engage. Impact. Inspire.

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C.A.K.E. – A visual arts and mass media program designed for girls.
Youth Speaks – A journalism program (co-ed).
Chicago Voices - A digital media program (co-ed).

All programs are designed for youth in middle and high-school. Programs are STEAM enriched.

Chicago’s Unsung Heroes – The Traveling Photography and Audio Exhibition
Rep My Block – An editorial that highlights amazing initiatives led by neighbors to increase community effectiveness.
CHICAGO, My City, My Story – An editorial that highlights everyday citizens who have created effective solutions for their communities, and our city.

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