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I am a living witness
of the power of community.”

Latisha Thomas, Founder, CEO

My career began as a film-maker and educator serving as a voice for underserved neighborhoods in Chicago by using digital media as a catalyst to promote awareness, diversity and intergenerational relationships. I then transitioned into the corporate arena creating learning environments for global organizations such as Siemens. Even though I had the skill-sets to flourish in this environment, the need to serve communities in need became a greater importance to me.

As a teen, I was fortunate to have access to teachers who inspired me, mentors who opened the doors to unlimited opportunities and a community who embraced me and gave me the confidence to be heard. I am who I am today because of all of the positive people who invested in my life at such an early age. This is why the mission of I Am We is so important to me, as I am a living witness on the power of community.

I invite you to support our organization today. In doing so, you may be changing the trajectory of a young life.

Thank You,

Latisha Thomas, M.N.A.
Founder, CEO